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May 19, 2023

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The time of electric scooters in the spotlight is over. Electric bikes or eBikes

The time of electric scooters in the spotlight is over. Electric bikes or eBikes are now rising in popularity because of their health benefits as well as their sustainability. Most people, however, simply see this hybrid mode of transportation as simply that: a way to get from A to B. With the right design, however, these foot-powered, motor-assisted vehicles can transform those boring and tiring travels into exhilarating adventures, letting you feel the rush and the energy of the wind in your hair. That's the kind of exciting ride that this full-suspension eBike promises, bringing together power, safety, comfort, and style to make every journey a memorable one, whether you’re exploring rugged mountain trails or cruising down concrete roads on your way to the office.

Designer: Max Shojaie

Click Here to Buy Now: $3304. Hurry, only 3 left! Raised over $100,000.

At the heart of every electric bike is the motor, and the Nireeka Mega eBike has the heart of an adventurer. Powered by the 1500W Bafang Ultra mid-drive with a peak torque of 200nm, this wonder vehicle can take you on speeds of up to 38mph, making short work of commutes and long distances. And with a removable 840Wh extended battery, you can easily reach a range of 51 miles on a single charge or go the distance by swapping it out with a spare.

Despite all that power and speed, the Nireeka Mega doesn't skimp on comfort and safety. A full-suspension geometry with 140mm travel on both ends absorbs the bumps so that you can go wild on a wide range of off-road trails without fear of being thrown off your balance. Fat 26″x4″ tires also act as natural shock absorbers while providing more traction to grip even slippery or smooth surfaces. Whether you’re trekking mountains or navigating snowy trails, the Nireeka Mega ensures you’re riding your A-game.

Of course, safety is a primary consideration, and the eBike's Blubrake-powered ABS brakes bring all the stopping power you need, even in the most unpredictable scenarios. Disk brakes provide consistent braking regardless of weather conditions and dissipate heat better during frequent or prolonged breaking. The Nireeka Mega is also equipped with an embedded taillight that has its own Gyro sensor, lighting up the brake lights at every stop. Whether it's in the dark or during the daytime, this eBike will make sure you’re visible and safe from harm.

It may sound like a beast when it comes to features, but the Nireeka Mega is a dapper gentleman when it comes to looks. Its monocoque carbon fiber frame not only flaunts a visually seamless frame, it also provides a lightweight yet durable body that efficiently transfers power to the wheels for a more dynamic riding experience. Available in Matte Black, White, Blue, and Red, this eBike can also become an extension of yourself, proudly displaying your style everywhere you. Powerful, sleek, and safe, the Nireeka Mega full-suspension eBike gives you everything you need to turn rote rides into thrilling trips at every turn for just $3,304.

Click Here to Buy Now: $3304. Hurry, only 3 left! Raised over $100,000.

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Click Here to Buy Now: $3304. Click Here to Buy Now: $3304.