5 Tips for Riding a HiPEAK Electric Bike Safely in the City


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Dec 15, 2023

5 Tips for Riding a HiPEAK Electric Bike Safely in the City

Industry: Travel This article will introduce five tips for safely riding

Industry: Travel

This article will introduce five tips for safely riding electric bicycles in the city.

Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) June 7th, 2023

With the accelerated process of urbanization, more and more people are choosing electric bicycles as a mode of transportation. However, there are some safety risks associated with riding electric bicycles in urban areas, such as collisions with other vehicles and poor road conditions. Therefore, it is crucial to be aware of some safety riding tips.

This article will introduce five tips for safely riding electric bicycles in the city. Mastering these safety techniques can reduce the risks faced while riding electric bicycles in urban environments and help ensure the rider's safety. We should always pay attention to traffic safety, plan our cycling routes wisely, and actively take measures to enhance our own safety awareness and preventive abilities.

Safe tips for for riding an electric bike in the city

Here are some helpful tips for your safe and convenient riding in the city.

Wearing helmet

Data shows that wearing a helmet prominently reduces the severity of injuries, potential brain damage, the likelihood of death, and the overall cost of medical care for riders. Wearing a helmet for protection greatly increases the chances of survival in a catastrophic traffic accident. It has been proven that the majority of fatal incidents involving riders can easily be attributed to not wearing a helmet.

Furthermore, wearing a helmet reflects your sense of safety and encourages other riders to do the same. It helps you avoid expensive medical bills and reduces the time needed for recovery from accident-related injures.

Remembering pumping your tires

Properly inflated tires are very essential for riding safety. Firstly, the appropriate tire pressure can enhance the stability and controllable of the bike. At the lower tire pressure condition, the tires deform upon contact with the road surface, leading to instability and an increased risk of accidents such as tipping or skidding. On the other hand, if the tire pressure is too high, it reduces the contact area between the tire and the road, decreasing friction and also posing a risk of accidents.

Secondly, properly inflated tires can prolong their lifespan. Low tire pressure makes the tires more susceptible to punctures or wear, resulting in a shorter lifespan. Conversely, high tire pressure can cause uneven wear, also affecting the lifespan. Therefore, maintaining the correct tire pressure ensures normal tire performance, extends their lifespan, and saves on maintenance costs.

Properly inflated tires also improve riding comfort. Excessively low or high tire pressure increases vibrations during cycling, reducing rider comfort. The right tire pressure reduces vibrations and enhances riding comfort.

Noting traffic conditions

In densely populated urban areas with high traffic volume, traffic accidents are prone to occur. Cyclists need to constantly pay closely attention to surrounding vehicles and pedestrians, avoiding collisions with them. To prevent colliding with pedestrians on the road, it is important to maintain a safe distance.

Furthermore, urban road environments are complex and ever-changing, including intersections, bridges, tunnels, crosswalks, etc. Cyclists need to be familiar with and respond appropriately to these situations, obeying the relevant traffic rules to avoid accidents.

There may also be some reckless traffic behaviors in the city, such as running red lights or riding against the flow of traffic, which can easily lead to accidents. Cyclists need to be vigilant and avoid engaging in such dangerous behaviors.

Lastly, there may be special scenarios in the city, such as construction zones or temporary road closures, which require cyclists to exercise extra caution. Adjustments should be made according to the on-site conditions to ensure personal safety. Cyclists need to constantly be aware of their surroundings, adhere to the relevant traffic rules, and avoid unnecessary traffic accidents.

Do not riding over-speed

Electric bikes are more faster than regular bikes, as they are equipped with motor and battery. If you are not familiar with electric bikes, please riding step-by-step, it's best to start slowly and gradually increase your speed over time. If you are not accustomed to riding an electric bike at a speed of 30 miles per hour, slowing down can help improve your road etiquette and ensure the safety of yourself and others. The HiPeak Commuter Electric Bike has a maximum speed of 25 miles per hour, which allows you to arrive at work on time while ensuring your safety. It is also equipped with front and rear disc brake systems to provide all-around protection for your safety on the road.

Turn on the bike lights

Most fatal electric bicycle collisions occur at night. The visibility is poor due to the dim lighting, and opening the bike lights can improve the rider's visibility, helping other vehicles, pedestrians, or other cyclists in front or behind to notice them in a timely manner and reduce the probability of accidents such as collisions.

Furthermore, turning on the bike lights can also boost the rider's confidence. Nighttime riding often induces fear and nervousness, but having the lights on can increase the rider's confidence and allow them to ride more securely.

Turning on the bike lights also serves as a warning for other cyclists, pedestrians, and vehicles. Especially at night or in adverse weather conditions, the lights can alert others to the rider's presence and reduce unnecessary risks.

The benefits of riding in the city

Reducing anxiety

Urban cycling can provide a range of way to exercise the body, relax the mind, broaden one's perspective, relieve stress, experience freedom and independence, and interact with the environment, thereby reducing anxiety. Therefore, for those who frequently experience anxiety, riding an electric bicycle is a worthwhile way to try.

Saving costs

Owning and maintaining a car is much expensive than having a electric bike. Besides, you also save on fuel costs, parking fees, and unnecessary insurance expenses.


In the United States, the transportation sector accounts for as much as 30% of greenhouse gas emissions. If a significant portion of people were to switch their daily commuting to electric bicycles, it could help mitigate global warming to some extent.


When you fully embrace the lifestyle of electric bicycles and integrate them into your daily life, your life will start to change. Your transportation bills will begin to decrease, parking becomes less bothersome, and your commute becomes smooth instead of endless waiting. Additionally, the Hipeak Commuter Electric Bicycle is foldable, allowing you to easily take it on public transportation, making your urban commuting more convenient and safe.


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