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Jul 24, 2023

Decathlon Magic Bike 2 concept adaptable e

The Decathlon Magic Bike 2 concept e-bike has been unveiled in the EU. The new

The Decathlon Magic Bike 2 concept e-bike has been unveiled in the EU. The new model follows the Magic Bike, a concept city bike unveiled last year. The company says it has designed the Magic Bike 2 to prioritize adaptability and the ability to carry passengers. With detachable accessories, the bike can be ridden as a standard e-bike, though it lacks a suspension fork meaning it may not provide a comfortable ride over rougher terrains. Further details about the electric bicycle, such as the motor power and top assistance speed, have not been provided.

You can add front and rear racks to the Magic Bike 2 to carry luggage, and a custom-designed child seat can be affixed to the rear. You can also add a trailer accessory, providing an alternative place to affix the child seat and to expand luggage carrying abilities. The trailer has been designed for the child first, with pockets to store toys, a rain cover and the ability to attach their bike at the back, allowing them to have a go at pedalling. Another factor that Decathlon considered was the battery and the range it provided. You can mount an external battery to the e-bike's frame, extending the range by 50 km (~31 miles); the standard range is not given.

Plus, Magic Mode, accessible via an app, lets the bike intelligently adjust the assistance provided on your given route based on your load, ensuring you do not run out of charge before you reach your destination. Other features of the concept e-bike include a magnetic handlebar phone mount and custom-designed panniers which double as backpacks. As with the older concept bike, Decathlon has said it does not intend to sell the Magic Bike 2, but the concept is expected to be reflected in future releases from the brand.

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