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Jul 27, 2023

hGears: Powering the future of e

The mobility landscape is undergoing a fundamental transformation. Europe alone

The mobility landscape is undergoing a fundamental transformation. Europe alone witnessed a sales volume of 5.8 million e-bikes in 2022, reflecting a broader shift in consumer preferences. As an established player with substantial experience in the automotive industry, hGears is making significant strides in this evolving e-mobility landscape. At the upcoming Eurobike show, the company wants to further emphasise these ambitions.

Guido Tonin: "Based on the volume of units sold, the e-bike sector is already leading the development of electrification of the mobility sector in Europe." He refers to the current statistics that show that electric bicycles outnumber battery-powered electric cars when it comes to sales volume data. The Italian is chief commercial officer (CCO) at hGears, a global precision manufacturing company with plants in Germany, Italy and China, that has been focussing strongly on the up-and-coming e-mobility industry in recent years. "Already today, almost every second e-bike sold in Europe has components made by hGears," Tonin emphasises.

It is a statement that does not come out of nowhere. Originally coming from the automotive sector, the e-bike business has become an important pillar for hGears over the years – in different areas. hGears’ business model covers a broad spectrum, from supplying R&D capabilities to managing whole projects. This makes the company an exciting partner for the many companies in the bicycle industry that need support with their e-bike projects.

"The ability to scale up faster than the market rate of growth is critical for success. E-bike manufacturers come to us because they know that we have the industrial experience, the engineering know-how and the financial resources to scale up their business in this more than ever demanding market environment," Tonin explains. "We are capable of supporting the needs of manufacturers, starting from the supply of single mechanical components up to the management of the entire supply chain. All with automotive standards," he adds.

hGears has particular expertise when it comes to the drive unit – a statement that is also derived from the current company claim ‘The heart of e-drives’. "A motor for an e-bike is by far more sophisticated than any other traditional bicycle component. From an engineering perspective, we help our customers optimise their e-drive design to get the best in terms of performance, sound and reliability, starting with the motor housing design to profiling the gear teeth," Tonin says.

At the upcoming Eurobike show in Frankfurt, hGears plans to showcase this know-how by exhibiting several of their customers’ drive units, assembled with hGears’ products, as well as components for e-bike and BEV applications. Moreover, the presence at the fair in Germany underscores the company's commitment to innovation and its active role in shaping the future of the e-mobility landscape. The company's representative, Guido Tonin, is clear about hGears’ vision: "We will continue to expand our investment in the e-mobility sector and ensure maintaining a leading position as an R&D and production partner to this young industry. Our capacity, coupled with our technical and financial resources, makes us able to undertake any new e-bike project."

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