Cyrusher Electric Bikes Offer an Innovative Way to Love Mothers with a Mother's Day Sale Plan


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Jul 19, 2023

Cyrusher Electric Bikes Offer an Innovative Way to Love Mothers with a Mother's Day Sale Plan

News provided by 11 May, 2023, 20:56 ET Share this article LOGAN, Utah, May 11,

News provided by

11 May, 2023, 20:56 ET

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LOGAN, Utah, May 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The Cyrusher Electric Bike, a reputable e-bike manufacturer, recently, provides new opportunities for personal mobility, assisting every mother to have a more magical Mother's Day on May 14. Cyrusher's 'Ride with Mother' campaign honors all mothers everywhere and encourages more family members to share their love for mothers.

"Ride with mother"

Mothers have always taken on a variety of roles in life to ensure family members are better cared for. However, this is at the expense of their own lives. In tribute to the most incredible mothers in life, Cyrusher has launched the 'Ride with Mothers' campaign to encourage more family members to ride with their mothers and share more family time. By using e-bikes, Cyrusher hopes to free up mothers' time and give them more time to engage in the activities they enjoy.

Mothers shed their youthful looks for their families and selflessly dedicate themselves to the family. With children able to put love into action, choosing an e-bike brings the mother wonderful companionship and a boost to her health.

Cyrusher ebike rider Kevin Lieu, whose mother, Lilian Lieu, is passionate about fishing. The constant time taken from her life to care for her children has prevented her from enjoying her hobbies. Kevin wanted to help his mother restart her fishing trips. With the E-bike, Lilian could explore areas she had never been to before without effort.

"We've traveled a lot together, explored many California waters, and caught many trout and bass. And each capture excites me, which is why I enjoy fishing," Lilian explains. "It's fantastic to have portable tools designed to give me more time to spend on the things I enjoy."

Cyrusher Mother's Day Sale

Due to its rich color palette, a Cyrusher electric bike would make a great Mother's Day gift. Customers may select an eye-catching electric bicycle for mother by combining more vibrant models with her favorite color. Cyrusher has a limited-time promotion that offers a step-through ebike collection that is more suitable for mothers to ride. Make the most of the discount and choose the electric bicycle that will suit mother's needs.

Kommoda - $,1899-$,1499The classic and most popular model for mothers of all ages

Kuattro - $2,099-$1,699 A large frame model with bright colors suitable for taller and heavier mothers

Ovia - $2,499-$2,299 A brightly colored, high-performance model designed for mothers who can't wait to hit the trails

Trax - $2,799-$2,599 A large frame model for taller mothers looking for powerful performance

Inspiration for the best electric bike for mother

In developing the step-through category, the removal of the crossbar design has evolved into a particularly accommodating option for ladies who wear skirts and individuals with leg problems. Basically, it makes getting on and off the bike easier for the rider.

The Cyrusher Kommoda is a classic and best-selling step-through model popular among female riders who are constantly on the go. The Kommoda is ideal for all mothers because it is highly accommodating, does away with the high frame design of a mountain bike and has a low overall frame design. This makes it simpler to get on and off the bike and gives mothers a more satisfying ride. The Kommoda features a high-end configuration that will fit the needs of most riders since it is designed for riders between the heights of 5"3-6"0.

Further, the Kommoda is only $1499 during the Mother's Day promotion, making it a very attractive purchase.

Help mother begin a magical journey with an ebike

Riding is all about redeeming the spirit and independence. Prepare an e-bike for Mother's Day to take her over the hills to freedom and return her to youthful state. The Cyrusher's advanced and improved models will provide mothers with safer and more flexible riding experiences.

About Cyrusher

Cyrusher is a reputable producer of electric bicycles for professionals that have been successfully marketed in more than 10 nations worldwide. The brand's electric bicycles pass rigorous international quality tests and meet CE, UL, Rhos and FCC requirements. Additionally, Australia, China, the EU, Japan, Korea and the USA have registered and approved the brand. An offline store test-ride service has also been introduced in a number of nations, including the USA, UK and France. Cyrusher will keep expanding its range of vehicles to satisfy the needs of more riders, offering a solution for zero-carbon, fast and convenient urban commuting.

Cyrusher Contact:

UK official website: official website: www.cyrusher.comFrench official website: www.cyrusher.frGerman official website: www.cyrusher.dePhone: (800)778-0116Email: [email protected]

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