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Jul 16, 2023

The CPSC Is Going to Amend the Federal Regulations for Bikes

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is currently soliciting public comment on

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is currently soliciting public comment on e-bikes and coaster brakes.

Government regulation tends to lag behind technological advances. Bicycles designs and technology continue to advance while much of the federal regulations governing cycling seems to be track standing. Now, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is looking to update these regulations and they want your input.

The CPSC, the federal agency responsible for protecting "the public against unreasonable risks of injury or death from consumer products through education, safety standards activities, regulation, and enforcement," plans to review how existing guidelines apply to e-bikes.

"More than 20 years ago, Congress authorized CPSC to promulgate regulations to protect the safety of consumers who ride low-speed electric bicycles. The agency has not done so, and it is past time that we take a hard look at whether we should do so now," said CPSC Commissioner Mary T. Boyle, according to Bicycle Retailer.

The agency that dictates everything from what a bicycle is and how fast it should travel to the requirements for wheels, pedals, and even reflectors is soliciting public comments starting Thursday through the Federal eRulemaking Portal. For the next 60 days, consumers are encouraged to "evaluate whether compliance with these standards provides adequate safeguards, especially related to e-bikes."

The review of existing bicycle safety requirements comes as the public embraces micro-mobility. As more states incentivize e-bike sales, cities hope that e-bikes will help to reduce traffic congestion, commute times, and greenhouse emissions.

The flip side of e-bike popularity is the associated hazards that have resulted in serious injuries and deaths. In 2021, Molly Steinsapir, 12, died after crashing into the pavement while riding an e-bike, a "CPSC In-depth investigations found four fatalities from E-bike related fires," and the "NYFD stated in hearing testimony that in 2022 there were 191 e-mobility related fires, 140 injuries and six deaths in the city as of 11/14/22, including 38 injuries in a high rise fire" according to a PeopleforBikes presentation to the CPSC.

Cycling advocacy groups like PeopleForBikes view the comment period as an opportunity to advance much needed safety standards for e-bikes.

"PeopleForBikes looks forward to submitting comments and participating in any future development of needed changes to the CPSC bicycle and e-bike regulations, including the addition of applicable recognized testing standards," said Matt Moore, PeopleForBikes policy counsel. "After suggesting to the CPSC in January that stronger regulations were needed to limit the import and sale of unsafe, untested batteries for e-mobility devices, we are pleased to see the process moving forward to regulate the unfortunate flow of unsafe mobility products into the U.S. market."

In addition to addressing e-bike safety issues, the CPSC also seeks comments on "[eliminating] the coaster brake requirement on certain kids’ bikes," according to Bicycle Retailer.

After the 60 days, PeopleForBikes anticipates the "CPSC likely will create new bike regulations," according to Bicycle Retailer.

Taneika is a Jamaica native, a runner and a gravel cyclist who resides in Virginia. Passionate about cycling, she aims to get more people, of all abilities, to ride the less beaten path.

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